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Homo Saurus

Noemi Comi

2020 - Ongoing

"A long time ago the earth, then uninhabited territory and rich in raw materials, was invaded by the Anunnaki a population of reptiles from the planet Nibiru. The Anunnaki to make the most of the raw materials that the earth had to offer, decided to create a new workforce: human beings. These were generated in the laboratory through DNA modifications.

 Soon the Anunnaki began to lose their power by mating with humans, giving rise to the so-called humanoid reptiles. This new generation of reptiles is still at the top of power today."

Homo Saurus is an ironic/critical project that, based on the bizarre conspiracy theories about reptiles, stages an altered and dystopian world. The story is reconstructed through fictional documents that testify to the coming of the humanoid reptiles on our planet and within their home planet Nibiru.

Conspiracy theories about reptilians in recent years are receiving a considerable response, probably due to the economic crisis and the rise of populism. The conspirators present a distorted view of the history of humanity and the cosmos. Their intent is probably to justify their lack of power or inability to achieve work.

The project uses mythological elements to create ambiguous atmospheres, which are sometimes at the limit between reality and fiction; supporting but at the same time debunking conspiracy theories. A sort of encyclopedic gaze that, starting from a vision of the scientific world, rewrites reality and lays bare an attitude typical of hedonistic society: the construction of myths and fictions.

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  • Before the creation of human beings, in the submerged lands near the Persian Gulf, there was a heavenly place called Dilmun. Within this earthly paradise reptiles and all other animal species blissfully coexisted, there was neither life nor death and the time was suspended.

  • The Reptilians reach a height of 2.13 m and have very long arms. They are also easily recognized by their webbed hands and greenish skin color.

  • Tiāmat is an island of the planet Nibiru inhabited only by lizards. The water that bathes the island is very special, because it can perfectly duplicate the DNA of any living being.

  • The X membrane covers the eyes of reptilians, disguising them as human eyes. This membrane covers almost the entire eye, except for the central black part, which is visible when it takes the form of X, V, or Y.

  • The Reptilians, thanks to special thermoreceptors, can visually perceive the body heat emanating from objects around them. As a consequence, they can perceive their prey even at great distances. Unlike snakes, however, their eyesight is much more developed during the day.

  • Nibiru is a planet described by Sumerian scriptures that lies beyond Neptune and Pluto. It orbits the sun following a path of 3,600 years. Because of its tidal forces it was solely responsible for the Universal Deluge.

  • In the last century technological development has promoted the control of the Reptilians over the masses thanks to internet and television. At the top of power are the Illuminati, the Freemasonry and the Vatican, who manipulate human history on every level.
    They feed exclusively on human blood to increase their strength.

  • Crocodiles are the only animals from Nibiru that the Reptilians decided to bring to the Earth. The strength of its bite could prove to be a vital weapon of defense.

  • Humans are used as a test animal for many experiments wanted by the Reptilians. They are in fact developing a system to create immortal beings that have the same powers as the Anunnaki, thus bringing to light the purity of their race. To do this, the reptilians are implanting inside the human being fossils of small reptiles.

  • A particular species of Reptilians comes from Bellatrix, a star in the constellation of Orion. Bellatrix is one of the brightest stars in the celestial vault and is easily observed from any region on Earth.

  • An illustrative table showing the main letters of the reptilian alphabet. Most of these are derived from pictograms that reproduce the movements of snakes during mating.

  • Sometimes the costume of the Reptilians can lose adherence giving their skin a strange effect "deflated balloon". There are even testimonies of people who have seen tears in the fake skin, from which were visible scales of a very dark green color, similar to those of a crocodile.

  • Tikaboo Peak is a mountain located near Area 51 (military base where the Reptilians conduct major experiments). On its slopes, very often, there are phenomena at the limits of the paranormal. During these phenomena, you can notice the appearance of a luminous sphere. It comes from the combustion of exhaust gases expelled during experiments of reticular duplication.