Alba lux

Noemi Comi

2019 - Ongoing

Italy; Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy; Calci, Tuscany, Italy; Borgia, Calabria, Italy; Camisano Vicentino, Veneto, Italy; Camaiore, Tuscany, Italy

Alba lux is an artistic project that combines documentation and conceptual photography. The photographs become real symbolic images, reproducing idyllic atmospheres and ineffable realities. It’s a multidisciplinary journey between spirituality and science, which begins within the earthly reality and then takes off within the otherworldly one. The central topic of the project concern Near-Death Experiences. NDE is a profound personal experience associated with death or impending death which researchers claim share similar characteristics. In fact, although have been documented people with very different religious, political and social beliefs , their experiences have many elements in common: the presence of a strong light, a sense of bliss and changes in personality. I found the subjects within social networks like Facebook and through personal knowledge. At first time they were very wary but after clarifying my intentions I met them. Each experience is very different and connoted by different religious aspects. Some have experienced it positively, others were traumatized and they suffered from depression. Each story is described by three different photographs: the first two want to represent the subject and his changes, the third is a conceptual interpretation of the experience he lived. The writings inserted are texts in Italian written directly by the subjects about their experiences.

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  • Salvatore had an NDE when he was young. His lifeless body was placed inside a coffin, and it was here that Salvatore, after several hours, opened his eyes again, leaving those present appalled.

  • Salvatore managed to describe his otherworldly journey in detail. He had found himself in a vast countryside, with an expanse of colorful brambles, a solitary tree and children difficult to identify. The present tree of the image is precisely the one seen by Salvatore.

  • Massimo's NDE dates back to its very first years of life. he acquires particular artistic sensibilities, especially in the musical field. He devised a particular reading system called Fuzzj.

  • During the NDE Massimo perceived a tripling of his image. Seeing a large sphere of light, located right between the roof and the back seat of an old car.

  • Luca is a Tuscan entrepreneur who has always been an agnostic possibleist. His experience is very recent and refers to a bizarre domestic incident.

  • Luca, after planting a huge sushi knife in his chest, began to feel a strong boil, as if the blood were bubbling. He was immediately taken to a tunnel. The text represents his inability to feel emotions about the same experience.

  • Valeria’s experience goes back to the 1980s. The woman had to undergo surgery to create a skin graft following a necrosis in her hand.

  • Valeria during the NDE began to fly and see a light very far away. When she reached the top of the light, she found herself in front of a tube-like object that represented a kind of boundary. Valeria approached the object and managed to climb over it only partially, emerging with one leg.

  • During an excursion Giuseppe saw desperate people inside a cave. He believes that it is clear evidence of the existence of Purgatory.

  • Rita was the victim of a probable hospital error that caused her to have a cardiac arrest. The woman does not like to be photographed and especially in this last period prefers not to expose herself, for this reason she decided to present her story to me anonymously.

  • Rita’s life, from that day is constantly dominated by the fear of death, the fear of having to abandon loved ones at any moment and where to face a dimension of pain and darkness. She can’t fall asleep in any way and is terrified of being home alone.

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