The Family

Nathanael Turner

2008 - 2012

I grew up in the country, in Upstate NY ,with my eight other siblings, the four youngest of which were adopted when they were infants. I was about 7 years old when I met my first adopted brother. His name was Darnell. After the adoption, my parents changed his name to Daniel. Daniel came to us straight from the hospital, where he spent his first five months of life under an incubator. My dad could hold him in a single hand. Even with his extra finger and toe on each hand and foot, he was only two pounds at birth.

I have had the incredible privilege of being a part of this large family. With these photographs, I hope to preserve the selfless acts of my parents in deciding to adopt children who have, by many, been deemed unadoptable.

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  • Jacob sitting in his bedroom

  • A portrait of Jesus holding a fetus

  • Dad painting clouds on a clients ceiling

  • Icicles on the home I grew up in

  • Daniel holding the head of a deer

  • Mom and Dad returning home from a shopping trip

  • Anna practicing applying makeup

  • Daniel measuring his dominant leg

  • Anna and Daniel in the snow

  • Jacob and Daniel on the way to a funeral

  • Daniel, Micah and Isaac collecting wood on a camping trip

  • Daniel with his new gun