The city of my childhood

Natasha Podunova


This spring, when I visited my fathe`s grave, I had an urge to go 25 years back and capture the city as it was then, in my early years. This is a crazy idea. Still, I have visited the places which, for unknown (or vice versa - understandable) reasons, have been etched in my memory. This is ruthless. So much has changed so quickly. Suprisingly, my first house remained almost intact, at least from the yard side, but the facade changed completely. I took photos and, using Photoshop, I`ve cut out all the changes which appeared with time, in a childish applique style.

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  • The Iset River, people used to swim in it

  • I swam in this very fountain when at summer camp

  • I can`t remember what used to be in this place, but certainly nothing like these houses

  • In the yard, we used to gather apples (ranetki) and cooked compotes of them

  • This is my first home in this city

  • Berdie

  • My mom worked over there

  • People from nearby houses often got tougether and gave concerts

  • There will be an entertaimment center here... (written on advertising stretch)

  • My dad worked here

  • Bazhov`s Monument, for some reason I rememered it this way

  • I was always afraid of this dreadful figure

  • Woodland park next to the school, I was not allowed there, because of maniacs who, I was told, liked the place

  • I remember Saturday trips to the market, and especially, the way back home with shopping bags