Natalia Wiernik

2015 - Ongoing


"Never before in the history of the world, have >non places< occupied so much space"

Z. Bauman (Culture in the era of globalization, 2004)

The concept of place in the anthropological context implies its relationship with the culture, history and the sense of identity. The place understood as an area for living, coexistence and formation of relationships seems to have more important meaning than ever before. In the nineties, a French anthropologist, Marc Augé, while trying to define modernity, introduced the concept of "nonplaces" - which are in opposition to the aforementioned features, thus defining shopping centers, gas stations, airports, highways or the Internet space. Non-places remain anonymous – they are very similar to each other all over the world, elude identification and despite almost constant presence of people, remain alien, "unowned" and impersonal.

I wanted to enter into a discussion with Augé's theory. I decided to portray one of the "non-places" - the shopping center. I worked under specific conditions: at night, after closing time, when the lights are off and there are no ubiquitous crowds of people. My photographs are an attempt of a reflection upon those specific spaces, their character and identity.

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