Anastasiya Lazurenko

2016 - Ongoing

In iHeaven Anastasiya let go of any conception of staging with a documentary approach — from finding her models to arranging the settings.

Lazurenko created the iHeaven series based on an intense dialogue, which required that she would spent an extended period of time, living with her subjects and taking photographs in an environment typical of that person. For Anastasiya, the camera means the challenge of women and the capture of her freedom to live a life in their own unique love.

Her subjects are crude. However, Lazurenko comes up with the technique that transforms this bold audacity into something mystic and metaphoric.

iHeaven stands as an ironic take on living in iPhone reality. In this photo essay, Lazurenko not only explores diverse facets of different types of women but also expands expression of an individual through the language of her medium.

Katia Kash

The things they live. The things they leave behind. Pizdets. Zaebalovse. Eblya. Narkotiki. Rock-n-roll. Russian rap. Ukrainian stuff. Belorussian win. Art huyart. High art. IPhone. IHeaven. Or. IHell. You choose. After the Pearly Gates. The things they love. Or leave behind. Illumination. Full dissolve. Despair. Lust. Unity. Love. Light. Full freedom. Just be yourself or die. Forever and ever. Your love. Dedicated to you, my love. V. Forever alive as love.

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