Swat Valley - Pakistan

Nazia Akram


These pictures of Swat Valley in Pakistan, where Malala Yousafzai belongs to. I recently revisited this area after a decade and was quite surprised at what I saw. Famously known for the place where the Taliban had destroyed Bhuddist Stupas and had shot the young Malala for going to school, has become quite the opposite. I noticed while taking photos that loads of busses had young children heading back home from school. The valley itself and the area surrounding it was open with many shops, and at times blaring Pastun music which people were enjoying while having their teas etc. It had a charm of its own, you could see people were roaming around the streets freely, maybe a police man at times, but not so much. I didn't target women as much, as I know it would be disrespecting their culture, they would not like to be photographed. But I did try taking pictures of young girls. My overall experience was not what i had expected, I did enjoy taking pictures here.

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