Limousine porteña

Myriam Meloni

2012 - Ongoing

A luxury emblem used to transport politicians and rock stars in the '80s, nowadays the limousine turned into an icon of the Argentinean popular culture.

Brides in their white dresses, starlets television, fifteen years old celebrating their birthdays, and future husbands: they all share the same sensation of sitting one night on an electric blue Ford Fairlane from 1972.

"Limousine porteña," explores a limited space in which many diverse things can happen. Between drunken, striptease, tears and laughter, the limousine is transformed into the scenario of ordinary people that use the dark tinted windows to release their fantasies and their transgression, under the curiosity of passersby.

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  • Jhonni, the owner of the limousine. Renting the limousine costs about 400 pesos ( 50 USD) per hour.

  • A group of boys celebrating the bachelor party of the young Facundo.

  • “Leila”, a 23 years old stripper, hired for a bachelor party.

  • A group of girl rented the limo to for a nighttime stroll.

  • An inflatable doll forgotten in the seats of the limousine after a limousine party.

  • A Ford Fairlane from 1972, transformed into a limousine, wanders around the streets of Buenos Aires.

  • Jhoanna on the day of her wedding, accompanied by her father.

  • Marcos, a stripper hired for a bachelorette party.

  • The twins Laura and Belén on the day of their fifteenth birthday celebration. In Latin America, the celebration of the fifteenth birthday of a teenager is very important because it marks the transition from childhood to maturity.

  • Ivonne and Leo, make in the limousine the road that will take them to the church on the day of their marriage.

  • In the darkness of the garage, the limousine is once again a normal car.

  • Jhonni, the owner of the limousine. He started buying a old Ford Fairlane transformed into a limousine, and now owns three limousines, with income from which he earns his living.