2012 - 2020

Paris, Île-de-France, France; Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium; Mâcon, Bourgogne, France; Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France; Reims, Champagne-Ardenne, France

In my photographic practice, I use both film and digital cameras.

The film allows me an experimental exploration around the medium, mainly with Polaroid and emulsion transfer.

I am not satisfied only with the image that comes out of the camera, I try to work on the texture, I open the image to collect the positive and the negative.

Every time I make a Polaroid emulsion lift, I keep the negative of the Polaroid.

In 2019, I joined the Milk Masterclass hosted by Ljubisa Danilovic and Sabrina Biancuzzi. I met Julien Magre there who was the sponsor.

One day in 2020, while editing with him, the prints of the color images mixed with the Polaroid negatives and something happened.

An emotion in front of the diptychs which were beginning to appear.

The series evokes my story, that of a woman who still dreams of ideal love.

A woman who fights her emotional dependence, who finds herself alone following several love story disappointments.

A woman who realizes that this story only exists in her dreams.

With very sharp images like we sometimes get when we wake up, and more blurry, blurry and colorless images.

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