I don't know who I am, only where I'm from

Mirjam Stenevik

2016 - Ongoing

Hordaland, Norway

This is an ongoing documentary project about growing up in a small community, in a deeply religious but loving family, on a windswept island off the west-coast of Norway. It's a story about a girl eventually moving further and further away from her family, desperate to distance herself from the place where she was born and raised. But more than anything, it's a personal journey of coming back, after years of therapy and living abroad, trying to look at the place with fresh eyes – without repressing the bad memories that comes with it. This is my attempt at embracing the inevitable fact that some things will forever be connected. Maybe I'll never know who I really am. But this is definitely where I'm from.

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  • Mina is playing Guess Who at her grandparents' house.

  • Almost two years after a polish worker slid on the ice and wrecked the bus stop, it's still waiting to be fixed.

  • Father and son take a break during a business meeting, seemingly unaware of the fact that they have dressed the exact same way today.

  • Kirsten is making pancakes for her big family, during the annual easter egg hunt.

  • A tired suitcase on the old ferry.

  • Christmas is long gone, but Santa is allowed to relax for a little longer. Seven bags of soil lay beside him, waiting for spring.

  • Karia is trying her best to shield her berries from hungry birds.

  • Oline is playing at home, she doesn't go to kindergarten, but is still really happy the summer holiday is here.

  • A friendly guard dog being nosy.

  • Spring came early, but then winter made a return.

  • Liam does not want to take his cape off, ever.

  • Rut is trying to add a modern touch to their new old house on the small island of Stolmen.

  • Somebody has put up easter decorations in Drøna.

  • It's getting greener.

  • Siblings Johannes and Mina look for their uncle, there are rumors of lobster and scallops for dinner.