The Weather Report

Marzena Skubatz

2014 - Ongoing

“The Weather Report” is a Project about Icelandic winters and the incredible power of resistance and independence of a mother and daughter who live on a weather station and sheep farm on their own at one of the most remote and isolated places in the Fjords of Iceland. A place which might face its last decade. The next village is about one hour away and has eight inhabitants. The next town about two hours away and during the winter time, when the pass is closed, the weather station can only be reached by boat and only if the weather conditions allow it.

The everyday life on the farm is very demanding. Especially when the dark winter comes and the daylight goes. During that time the temperatures can sink beneath -10 degrees, the wind is sharp and the snow is covering almost everything. But even in the harshest snowstorm the women have to leave their house to take care of the animals and to send the weather report. Every three hours they read the sea and the clouds and the measuring instruments of the weather station, day and night, no matter what. And if the information from the little station doesn’t get through to Reykjavik, lives could be endangered as the seamen rely on the forecast.

The Project shows humans and animals that have to deal with extreme weather and their struggle against disappearance. A harsh existence, fighting against superhuman forces.The struggle against a whiteout.

It shows the strength and resistance of two strong women who have dedicated their life to an isolated place that they call their home. It is a life following the rhythm of nature and the weather report.

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