The city is a choreography

Melissa Schriek

2017 - Ongoing

'The City is a Choreography' is an interpretation of the contemporary city nowadays. The ongoing project exists of street scenes and portraits in public spaces; the only space we share with one another; that probes the disconnection between the city and the youth that reside within. In today’s fragmented and interconnected world it seems like we are constantly reshaped by factors such as new forms of media, urbanization, multiculturalism, and diversity. Cities, with their rising populations, large youth population, and complex configurations, have become key symbols of fast-changing modernity.

With special attention to the sculptural qualities of the body and the relationship between space and individual, and between each other, the city always hums in the background of the images. 'The City is a Choreography’ explores the interruptions of everyday life and how the urban environment can be perceived with both eyes and body.

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