Neon Bible

Maksym Rudnik

2017 - Ongoing

Athens, Attica, Greece

„Neon Bible” is a visual story about downfall, the isolation of an individual, the clash of religions and an overwhelming crisis of the economy, government and social life. Even though Athenians are driven into despair by numerous obstacles that emerged on their way throughout last three decades, a remarkable spark in their daily life can be seen. A major aim of the monograph is not to strictly document Athens and its citizens, but to fluently drift on the edge of document and fiction. As nowadays a lot is being said about globalization and the unification of our generation, I want to make this project as universal as possible. No matter what the location of the viewer is. I want them to feel the connection with the places and people present in the photographs.

I was born in tiny village in Polish mountains in 1992 which was just after collapse of soviet union. From my early childhood I remember the visual context of two different worlds - old without particular perspectives and the new one highly developed bringing new opportunities from the west. Even though it was easy to judge these two opposite worlds when you looked closer - both of them had big disadvantages.

This kind of "clash" I see now in Athens. Country which tradition and history is strongly rooted in mediterranean style of living. Citizens have to adapt to high pace style of living. It is hard to change habits and some traditions of a certain society in a matter of short time.

"Neon Bible" in a metaphorical way visualize that clash of two worlds and a way of a man to find their place in this hostile environment.

Main aim of this project is to be published in a printed hotography book. In 2020 I'm flying to Athens in March and after coming back to Poland I will start edition stage of the whole material I made throughout over 2 years.

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