Uncle Bob

Melissa Prieskorn

2018 - Ongoing

“No one will never really understand. No amount of knowledge or money will ever be enough unless you’ve lived to experience it.”

-Uncle Bob

In the summer of 2018 I decided to visit a man named Robert (Uncle Bob) in the rural farmlands of Michigan, USA. A man who one would easily overlook and not take the time to discover and get to know.

Living through both the Great Depression and WWII, Uncle Bob carried over seven decades of hidden secrets that would be uncovered. I stayed with Uncle Bob for the month of May the year of 2018. Documenting with both digital and medium formats.

Each day exploring what freedom, fear and honour truly means. The project is dedicated to those who have fought of one's country - the United States, United Kingdom, and others who fought for the greater good, sacrificing their lives for our everyday freedom.

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