Now everything is lost

Marta Pinto Machado

2019 - Ongoing

Guimarães, Braga, Portugal; Porto Novo, Cape Verde

The project aims to study and understand the relationship between man and place when confronted with a new geography, in this specific case, of a group of Cape Verdean workers, and their relationship with the place left behind and the experience of "place" in a disconnected geography.

“Now everything is lost”, the name given to the project, appears as an allusion to the idea of ​​loss of the subject and the loss of geography, introducing an idea of ​​melancholy in relation to the place, while evoking a direct relationship between a subject and a geography as a feeling of belonging, ie, the idea that two elements that make up the individual are separated, generating the aforementioned sense of loss, of "sodade".

Facing a territory and a reality that is familiar to me by my Cape Verdean mother who traveled to Europe with the same purpose of this group of men who now cross the ocean (linked to practical issues of employability), it's intended to use the revisited memory of the body as part of the landscape and the camera as a tool for reading and interpreting the various parts. A reading is sought, an understanding of place as a concrete phenomenon constituted by concrete “things” that are related to the individual and that interrelate with each other, sometimes with a sense of belonging.

Captive of this desire to get closer, I understand this need to understand the landscape as a cultural construction that defies totalitarian conceptualizations of the relationships between human beings and the physical / geographic environment.

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