I am not worried

Moritz Jekat

2020 - Ongoing

Berlin, Germany

"I am not worried" is about finding identity, experiencing adolescence, and discovering a new self in a new environment which is more and more influenced through digital spheres.

Witnessing my step-child Sionne in their early teenage years growing up in a new place and a new country (after moving from L.A. to Berlin three years ago) inspired me to work on this series.

Adolescence means physical and psychological development that culminates into adulthood; a shaping process of finding and defining yourself, entering independency and learning to understand and control unknown emotional states. This process now happens to be in a world that exists increasingly in digital spheres in which highly guarded server facilities maintain the interconnecting virtual tunnels of all our data, communication and lives.

I see how Sionne is charging their mind with new ideas and thoughts which they find through their friends as well as TikTok, Instagram or Youtube. Sionne decided to be gender fluid. They are bending themselves and their surroundings in this place and time. Some of the portraits you see are interpreted and manipulated by algorithms and neural filters. Just like Sionne, they were given guidelines and information for its actions and bent to interpret them in their own way.

As well the objects we surround ourselves within our real life, as the spaces we create around become screens and projections of our personality and identity and start to bend.

By coincidence: red, green and blue, the colors of every screens’ LED that form an image for our eyes, are predominant here as an invitation to where all of this will go.

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  • Sionne Bending

  • Server Farm "Biere" – Or where our lives are stored

  • Sagittarius – Sionne and my partner Maii (Sionne's mother)

  • The Last Milk Tooth

  • Sionne 01 – Neural Filter: 46% Eyes

  • Western Digital 8TB and Apple Headphones – Or where we store our memories

  • Sionne Merging – Digital Collage of eight Portraits of Sionne

  • Antenna

  • Grooming

  • Chair and Bending Lights

  • Maii Blurry

  • Pool Bending

  • Sionne's Current Preferred Pronouns

  • Sionne 02 – Neural Filter: minus 15% angry

  • I-Phone Arm