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Dann’ Somin “A life on the street on the Reunion Island”

I met Guerrier in January 2013.

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From India to Reunion Island:From indenture to emancipation

Just as colonization has been characteristic of the XIXth century, decolonization has been characteristic of the XXth.

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Chagos: injustice towards the islands

Social Issues, Contemporary Issues, Documentary

Fifty long years that they have been away from their homes, away from their ancestors, away from their history and away from themselves.

Fifty long years that they are living and surviving, parked in the ghettos of Port-Louis, the capital city of Mauritius Island, considered like « dogs ».

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Nou la fé (We did it in creole)

Landscape, Nature & Environment, Documentary

A volcanic island lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island has set itself a goal: access to energy self-sufficiency, using its natural resources.

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