sleep paralysis

Javier Kaplan

2015 - Ongoing

The project is a new way of dealing with the insomnia i've suffered ever since i was 11-years old. I started to realize that if i embraced my inability to sleep and actually went a few days without resting not even for a single hour, that my perception became heightened. After a few trial and error, i found that focusing on the very early hours of the day, past the night, when you're in this sort of limbo between light and shadows was the right time to shoot.

The series is also a continuation of this alternate reality i've created with my photography, which is a sort of quiet, desolated post-apocalyptic world where there are no humans left, only man made structures.

I also wanted to convey the idea of silence, which in the medium of photography is not something you'd stop and think about normally. But giving my background as a filmmaker, sound is always something i'm thinking about. And so i wanted in a way to have a visual representation of what silence must look like. To do this i decided that nothing translates loneliness and silence like a completely empty urban landscape.

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