Uku PachA

Monarca Criollo

2016 - Ongoing


The closest English definition to Uku Pacha is between "world below" and "world inside." Whitin the Andean cosmovision, it refers to everything that is below the earth, where caves, lakes and canyons symbolize the entrances to the geographical inner world and are also the connections with this plane of existence. These places have been sculpted for millions of years by the violence of nature. However, there are special doors to the world of Uku Pacha that have been forced by humans in a short time due to the cruelty and death since the times of our ancestors to the conflicts of nowadays.

The territory resonates in woman and men and influences their spirituality. Along our path we have tried to find and represent the divine through the elements of nature such as fire, mountains or lightning, pretending to respond great human questions. Currently we live in a context in which nature has been transfigured and our bond with it has changed; my intention with this series is to go through the essence of the search for the human being who has transcended and remains in time, approaching a new symbolism and leave a testimony of contemporary spirituality.

Uku Pacha is a ritual journey between images that emerge from the most intimate questions within a territory transfigured by light through its history and inspired by the articulation of impossible geographies and historical violence in my country. In some measure, an altered mirror of Peru.

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