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Uku Pacha

Fernando Criollo

2016 - Ongoing


Uku Pacha means "Inner World." The chasms, the caves, the lakes, the snow-capped mountains and all the elements of nature are gods and have their own names, in everything that exists there is a core, an essence and doors inwards sculpted over millions of years by the violence of nature inland, towards Uku Pacha.

However, there are other entrances to the Uku Pacha that have been opened by humans in instants due to the violence that unites us with Peruvian history. All the places where blood has been spilled, from the human offerings of the first civilizations, through the battles for the Independence to more contemporary times of the internal armed conflict in the 80s.

This territory resonates in my being and influences my spirituality. Among all this violence I need to represent the divine. The fire, the mountains, the lightning, the stars. I do not intend to answer great human enigmas, but to leave an open door discovering my own violence. Today nature has been transfigured and our link with it has changed. Consciousness has become strange, incomprehensible, more complex and more chaotic.

Uku Pacha is a ritual born by the worship of light and materialized in symbolic and metaphorical images, and through which we can enter a new territory transfigured by its own light, inspired by the articulation of impossible geographies and violence, and thus leave a testimony of contemporary spirituality.

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