Uku Pacha

Fernando Criollo

2017 - Ongoing


Uku Pacha means "Inner World". The abysses, caves, lakes, snow-capped mountains and all the elements of nature are gods and have their own names. In everything that exists there is a nucleus, an essence, a heart that is connected inland through doors sculpted over millions of years by the violence of nature.

However, there are other entrances to the Uku Pacha that have been opened by humans in moments due to their cruelty. Places where blood has been shed, such as human offerings during early civilizations, battles for Independence and armed conflicts throughout recent contemporary history.

Within the maelstrom of violence, the territory influences our faith and fervor and thus arises the need to represent the divine through the worship of light, materializing the primeval elements such as fire, earth or water in symbolic and metaphorical images, through which a new territory is accessed, transfigured by its own luminescence.

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