Marta Marinotti

2019 - Ongoing


I want see you get down, my dear, my love, my man, my soul. My Dear, my love don't look me please, close your leg, your hand; upon, in front, of the bed, coud you hear me? Close to the wall, grand confort, chair, ghost, spider, wood, window and you. So you can love me again?

BecauseI can! Can you hear me? Can you oper your eyes for watch me now? I'm not enought Dear, I'm not enought again. Put me out, pull me inside the bed, make me happy again, make me an angel Mr Dear. I wanna love you forever, and ever, in this dream of lust, in the dust with you.

don't know, is I can show, should be touch, fell attract, and I can't should be you

everyone knows that we do not take risk keep love me again and again again

CuloCavallo is an ongoing archive of butts and horses. It stands for a strong similitude between the idea of being 'a bottom' and the mighty figure of the quadruped. Like two wingless pegasus they represent a great strength which is softened by a master, a dominator, a ruler or the structure of society itself.

In a world 'dominated by bottoms' if asked anybody using Grindr, it is peculiar how, following numbers and statistics, most of gay men define themselves as tops or versatiles. Exposing preferences allows several human behavior and social stigma to come into play, guys will fib in order to get laid, or because of what others might assume about them based on their preferences.

But humans are not human, they are horses and, as horses we all meekly stand in a role play where there is a continuous game of power: the animal against the master, freedom against cage, body against mind. And it's all ruled by our perception of things, modelled on our obsessive remorse, on our slavery to a system or just the presumption of it.

With this project Marta Marinotti and Francesco Saverio Costanzo are working as two collectors. There is no interest in showing the sexual inclinations of the subjects. They are just a bunch of men who overcame their anal phase with a great balance between their id, ego and superego. In a society where masculinity is such a delicate topic, wherever you decide to stay, here is a group of wagging people who does not give a fuck and who represent different ways of living bottomity, as a natural state. These images have been shot during a year time and it's still an open project.

Ongoing duo project by Marta Marinotti and Francesco Saverio Costanzo. The casting is various and no professional models were involved. The location changed according to models and situations. It’s a staged reportage.

text and artwork in collaboration with Filippo De Marchi

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