not for everyone

Marcin T. Jozefiak

2019 - Ongoing

Seoul, South Korea

be you.

be provocative.

be quiet.

be loud.

be present.

be patient.

be free.

be chaotic.

be passionate.

be proficient.

be purposeful.

be choosy.


be not for everyone.

This showcase is a start to an ongoing series that explores the diversity and subcultures in Korea. The photographs are the beginning of a larger scale project, with the purpose to present an album of Korean diversity and the beauty of it.

As a photographer, I have always been interested in subcultures, primarily how each one has a philosophy or just a 'way' and I found it a great space to be myself—or part of myself—in and capture its real language.

The first few times I came to visit Korea were during the fashion week on assignments to document the street fashion scene but also to learn more about the culture. It was incredible to see the billboards with the latest fashion campaigns, or even the "soju girls" (the image that society wants you to follow) contrasting with the style of the actual people on the streets of Seoul. During the fashion weeks, I felt like some often were almost "dressing up" just for the event but there was another group, which you could tell represents the people just being themselves and living in the constant mood of exploring the idea of what it is to be "themselves" in Korea.

The concept was to photograph them in a surrounding of some importance and a great meaning and to them as well as in the studio environment to capture the true essence of their character.

I want to think that these photographs remind us that even people who may be perceived to be living on the fringes of society still contribute, for better or worse, to our cultural makeup. In a way subcultures are a form of escapism and rebellion however for some they are the only way to be. I think a lot of people find their identity in being part of one, and it helps them to understand more about who they are.

This project is a visual essay, which purpose is to say it fine to be "not for everyone" you do you and don't try to fit in.

Marcin T. Jozefiak is a Polish-British photographer who's passionate about people and their stories. As a visual storyteller, he loves to discover the unnoticed beauty and tease along the fine line between fashion and naturalism. Born in Ostrow Wielkopolski, he studied photography in London where started his practice as both documentary and fashion photographer whilst working for Burberry. He has previously worked on a project with DAZED magazine about Polish creatives in London and is currently exhibiting work at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

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