Mariya Sabotinova

2019 - Ongoing

Bulgaria; Burgas, Bulgaria

This project is a fashion editorial, but the main topic of it is showing the beauty of the salt lakes in Burgas, that are one of a kind.

Burgas city is surrounded by three lakes on all sides and the Black sea on the east side.

All of the lakes, but mainly Atanasovsko lake, is a home, nesting point and feeding point of 315 out of 450 of all birds in Bulgaria. It is a middle point on the Via Pontica migration corridor - second biggest in Europe.

And all these thanks to its location and extremely good conditions - it is a salt production lake, where salt is made in the oldest manner known - by human force only, picked by hand, stored and moved by hand or foot - no motor vehicles allowed in the area.

So salt is actually the essence of life for the birds - they find their food in the salt lakes. Also shelter and warmth in winter months.

In the southern part of the lake one can find the healing mud and lye pools - the largest free outdoor “SPA centre” in the country.

And this is my contribution to one of my favourite places ever - giving it publicity and making it visible for people, who are more interested in fashion or other topics, but will find the place beautiful and also look up for it.

The editorial was published in a magazine, where also a big article about the lake was included about all aspects of the lake's life. Thanks to my friends from Biodiversity NGO and Bulgarian Society for the protection of Birds NGO, that we work closely with - strong women (and some men), who work to protect the planet and especially the Lake!

I think that this project is helpful and is showing respect to all the women included in making it happen - from the NGO's, to the editorial team made of only women.

At my shootings I don't allow single use plastic or leaving anything that can harm the planet behind us.

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