Mariya Sabotinova

2018 - Ongoing

Bulgaria; Burgas, Bulgaria; Rome, Latium, Italy

This is a project I wanted to do for a very long time and it shows tiny fragments of women's lives, women who take care of their little babies (under 2 years old), work, take care of a household with more than one kid, make a change in their environment, change the artistic, physical or social sphere in my (their) home town Burgas, Bulgaria. To me these women are Big.

They are all superheroes whose jobs are more than impactful - journalist and music lover/selector, architect, choreographer, restorer/conservator of cultural heritage, teacher, psychologist and musician, PR and marketing expert and more.

You can see their work every day but as an observer you usually don't know who's behind it, who made it happen, who actually realised the final product.

These strong women are even more inspired and motivated to change the world since they've had their little ones and this makes the change in such a small city like ours real.

They also help us all grow and become more aware, content, loving, tolerant, patient and inclusive in all we do.

To all the moms, a BIG thank you.

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  • Maya at work, writing

  • Maya at WATER contemporary arts festival

  • Maya at her home

  • Maya and her daughter Bistra

  • Mariya at a meeting

  • Mariya at a party

  • Mariya and Teodora at the beach

  • Mariya's daughter

  • Zdravka and her son

  • Zdravka at work, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome

  • Zhana at rehearsal

  • Zhana and her daughter

  • Zhana dancing at a festival

  • Zhana at a meeting

  • Zhana resting during a dance performance at a festival

  • Zhana and her daughter

  • Desi, pregnant, with Mariya's daughter

  • Irena bringing a cake at a birthday party