Published on 21st February 2019

Desert Roses for Sale

  • Gift shop on the road to Nefta

  • Ahmed in a hotel, Tunis

  • Oasis of Tozeur

  • Bardo Museum, Tunis

  • Fawzi at a viewpoint near Nefta, close to the Algerian border

  • Gift shop near Hammamet

  • A dog protecting her puppies locked in a backyard on the road to Tozeur

  • Young tourism students, Sousse

  • Behind the scenes, bread baking and tea preparations for tourists, Ong Jmel

  • Hussein, painter at hotel complex, Sousse

  • Hotel complex, Tozeur

  • Ahmed with a desert fox at the Star Wars film set, Ong Jmel

  • Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Tunis

  • Young Tunisians at a rave in the desert, Tozeur

  • Desert roses for sale, Nefta

Desert Roses for Sale

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