Terra Nostra

Mimi Mollica

2009 - 2016

Sicily, Italy

In 2009, after 13 years living in London, I decided to work on a personal project on my homeland Sicily and photograph the signs of the destructive presence of Cosa Nostra in the island.

Terra Nostra is the outcome of 7 years of work.

I looked at a region pervaded by lawlessness and disfigured by the legacy and repercussions of a system heavily controlled by the underworld.Far from the glamorous image of gangsters portrayed by Hollywood movies, the reality is bleak, seedy and haunting. 

I tried to capture Sicily’s characterising stillness in an effort to identify what, 20 years ago, pushed me to move abroad.I looked at the architecture, people, routine and landscapes, photographing the problematic entanglement with the mob, focussing on the legacy of Mafia’s imprint in Sicily.

Terra Nostra is ultimately a labour of love towards a motherland I overwhelmingly feel attached to and with which I strongly, still identify myself. Tormented by a traumatic past and challenged by a difficult present my hopes are for Sicily’s bright side to become stronger and reclaim ownership of its land and protect its people, while keeping on distinguishing itself for its leading role in pursuing justice and equality.

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