Moon City

Mimi Mollica

2020 - 2021

On a normal day the skyscrapers of The City rein supreme over London’s East End. Towers of concrete and steel, intricate threads of frames and windows challenge gravity to play with the light and mirror the clouds.

When the sun retreats the towers catch the last rays of light and soon mutate from being the unparalleled rulers of the sky to a dark presence, forced to negotiate its space with the comforting beauty of the Moon.

Moon City is loosely inspired by Pirandello's Ciàula Scopre La Luna (Crow Discovers The Moon) a novel about a Sicilian sulfur mine workhorse who, forced to work extra hours into the night, on his way out from the mine discovers for the first time the Moon with all its might and overwhelming beauty.

Equipped with an smartphone and a small telescope, I created an imaginary dialogue between the Moon and the empty offices of the City of London.

My intention was to emphasise the antithesis of two very different forces at play, the dystopia of capitalism, embodied by the empty skyscrapers of the City of London, opposed to the Moon's generous and mysterious beauty.

As in Pirandello's novel, the Moon with its cycles offers comfort and guidance to anyone daring to look up in an effort to escape the deceiving halo of capitalism. The City looks as it's almost summoned by the overwhelming force of the Moon. the dialogue intensifies and becomes a standoff between two worlds that are inexorability connected and yet ever so distant.

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