Cyanotypes of a trashworld

Miltiadis Igglezos

2019 - Ongoing

It seems to me that most available scientific analyses, converge to the fact that if we keep behaving as irresponsibly as we do today towards the environment, and do not change course immediately for the better, we will have succeeded to ensure our long lasting imprint on Earth, even if after we become extinct as a species altogether. Our rubbish have already, long ago now, become integral parts of the ecosystems of river-beds, lakes, seas, polluted subsoil and atmosphere, and affect all forms of flora and fauna on Earth. These rubbish constitute our repulsive gift to the planet that provided, ever since, our sustenance.

I created these cyanotypes-photograms to illustrate this dystopian post-human condition. I chose cyanotype as my medium in this effort for it is one of the least environmentally harmful methods of image production. The sun (whose UV radiation is required for the process), still hovers above bright and clear skies in my homeland. For how long, actually? I collected plenty of small useless objects (forsaken bits and pieces) from around my house, and others I found dumped along the streets, or in the surrounding countryside, such as bits of cellophane, plastic or paper packaging, synthetic fabrics, plastic bags, plastic and metal parts of machinery etc. I made the photograms with these.

Finally, any visible trace of color in the photograms is herbal. It implies some kind of contamination. If it is exposed to UV radiation it will gradually fade and probably completely disappear. I am often overwhelmed by this almost childish hope that one day Earth will similarly get rid of our waste...

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