Mikko Rasila

2010 - Ongoing

My photographic series is a personal journey into self, masculinity and sexuality, how it feels to be seen, loved, accepted or rejected and left alone in the masculine world.

My images are intense nude studies that detach their subject from the traditional imagery of masculinity and how men are most often portrayed.

I wanted to create an intimate space around and inside the photographs that is sexual without being explicit. Lingering and sensual and sometimes even suggestive. The dark, intense images and the characters in them are almost abstract mental landscapes that interact with each other as well as with their viewer.

In art, the author is often found inside his image. I, too, want to use these pictures to tell something about me that is true and deeply personal. The models of images are simultaneously or alternately subjects and objects, representations of me. Dreams, fantasies, nightmares and everyday experiences.

At the same time, the images are a dialogue between the photographer and the subject, in which my own growth story intertwines with other men's experiences of what it is to be seen and accepted as a whole.

Personal themes criss-cross the social level. For my part, I want to take part in public debate on how to build a more equal society where everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender, can be themselves without fear of being labeled. I believe that all of us have the right to our own private space, identity and sexuality without the use of outside power.

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