Mikko Rasila

2017 - Ongoing

The grime and the grit. Sweat dropping on the heavy concrete floor. Again and again. Movement. Back and forth. Trying. Explaining. No, that's not what I meant. Can we try it this way? No. That renders more posing than movement. Maybe something like this? Yes, definitely, start of something. What happens when we go past and beyond 'The Beauty' and 'Idealism' in dance, especially in classical ballet. When man becomes an emotion, an idea, pure motion with uncontrollable force. Unleashed power. Referencing Kullervo's Curse and The Defense of the Sampo by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Gollum and The Fallen Kings, gravel and dirt, something cold and slimy underneath the fingernails, wet ground, endless rain, hopelessness. Shame, self-disgust, delusion, false security, narcisistic pride, nothingness. Silence. Freedom of creation.

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