The UFCK Family

Michael Sell

2011 - 2012

The members of the online forum, one of the many community forums on the Internet, are mostly strangers. I had never met them, but I know of them. A Meme of One: The UFCK Family is a collection of photographs that depict the UFCK cohort in both fictional and real forms.

This work addresses issues such as living our lives in public forums, privacy, how the Internet helps the discourse of fictional narrative, and how those of us who choose to interact with others in an online forum do so anonymously. The photographs tell the story of a community connected through distance and how the individual members are pieces in a larger puzzle. Though I had not met any of these subjects before photographing them, the camaraderie and familiarity of these personalities is palpable through the intimacy of the photographs.

As memes, the members of the UFCK community are not different from the members of other Internet forums. Their language, interests, and behaviors are quirky and exceptional in their simplicity and anonymity. Yet this is only one element of what makes them semi-famous as a subculture to those who know them. As peers, posting online, commenting, and creating our fictional selves, we participate in the online dialogue, acting in the same way. As disparate as we may be, we are, in the end, members of the same family.

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