Floating Islands

Maica Gugolati

2017 - Ongoing

This project treats about contemporary landscaping of the Caribbean region, starting from the country of Trinidad and Tobago.

The project wishes to deconstruct the romantic root of the Caribbean landscape based on colonial pictorialism.

It aims to look for contemporary landscape’s constructions of independent or semiautonomous countries in the Caribbean region that try to re-question the bases of the representation of the nation through the representation of land after colonization.

The pictorial colonial landscapes represented the "new world" as a paradise created by European civilization that responds to its exotic imaginings. This new imagining, I propose, aims to denounce the environmental issues that the Caribbean nations are facing while wishing constantly to embody the touristic expectations that keep its colonial traces.

I propose digital, oneiric landscapes where the historical construction of 'tropical touristic paradise' regurgitates oil splits, indomitable industrial exploitation, and its environmental consequences.

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