Green Tide (Marea Verde)

Mercedes Grassi


Argentina; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Green Tide

The Green Tide is a feminist movement that is fundamentally based on sorority.

Sorority derives from the Latin word soror, meaning sister. It refers to the support, coexistence and solidarity among women; it is a value linked to the union, respect and love between the female gender.

These self-convened marches are born from and characterized by an inner fire that manifests itself in a genuine, pure and pacifist embrace towards women's freedom and gender equality.

The green color in Argentina represents one of many fights: women’s freedom to make decisions about their own body. Freedom to decide. Legal, safe and free abortion.

In the desolated, yet hopeful eyes of the women, who in spite of the rain, were keeping on vigil, together, waiting. Enduring, to celebrate, cry, hug each other stronger. Feel free. Unique. Complete. And without mandates.

The resolution of the Senate was negative.

We are still fighting. The Green Tide is still alive.

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