Magdalena Gacek

2019 - Ongoing

Phone is a drip, cable a needle into the delicate network of veins. Communication stream is blood. Is it infusing or draining life? Let’s start a conversation with ourselves via the familiar headphone. Across time zones of our bodies there goes a quick link from the ear to solar plexus. Center pulsates with heat while we sail open waters of ourselves, feeling silky texture of a thin cable running through the torso.

In the project “DND_DO NOT DISTURB” I get closer to the new social life world order. I observe how relationships fade through devices and technology, how they bite into our lives.

We ourselves created it, and now start drowning in loneliness while still calling the new media “social”. We turn inwards when we crave turning outwards.

We disappear in a shell of a headphone. Encapsulate our life in a small, bright screen. Is it an auto-immune disease leading to self-destruction or a new norm, which is only an exclamation of what we’ve always craved and just feared expressing…

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