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A river away to paraguay

Marcelo David Sandoval

2016 - Ongoing


A RIVER AWAY TO PARAGUAY is the name of my photography project, called in spanish "Water Spine" (Espinazo de Agua). Is an effort to document life and senses around the river that flows through the heart of South America, giving its name to a country: Paraguay.*

The project is ongoing and the pictures are done and edited with an iPhone, they circulate on Instagram (@marchalo) since March 2016.

With this essay I look for comprehend how much of the past is still in the everyday life of paraguayan people or, as well, which atemporal values are good to keep to the future.

The personal and poetic approach in this work has been usefull to find out the significance that a simple element, as the water, can have to a whole nation and its people.


*Paraguay is a word of the guaraní languaje that means " water that comes from diversity"

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  • A bottle of "caña" after the floods

  • Fishing on winter

  • The sun on the full-moon solstice

  • Torrent

  • Women's stuff

  • Canoe crossing

  • Rain on the port of 'Ita Enramada' (in english 'stone pergola')

  • Facing the river, a portrait of myself at 4 years old

  • Finding shiny things deep

  • Twilight at Concepción.

  • Fire to build boats

  • The sole communication with some spots in the Pantanal

  • Father and daughter

  • ANNP –'National Association of Navigation and Ports'