Land of a Thousand Dances

Maite de Lorenzo


Belin-Béliet, Aquitaine, France

Land of a Thousand Dances is a story about Esteban and their six children Living in Belin- Béliet (FR), This Chilean family lives from day to day where time no longer exists. Macarena dances flamenco with her horses while Esteban has an incredible connection with them.

I met Esteban and Macarena 10 years ago in the mountains of France where I was fascinated by their lifestyle. The freedom that I felt and the connection to Chile was something that I didn’t experienced in a long time. It doesn't matter what kind of background you have, everyone is invited without any preconceptions to join their lifestyle. Nature is shared and I have never felt such a geniality as with this family.

After 10 years I went to Belin-Béliet for a month without any plan or expectations and was inspired by the world which this beautiful family lives in. I went with their rhythm and joined them as part of the family. During this month I tried to capture the poetic magic realism that I felt surrounded by horses and nature.

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