Riders of the Indian Railways

Mary Catherine Messner

2016 - Ongoing

Run as a public good, the government-run Indian Railways refers to itself as the lifeline of the nation, and it is. The riders of the Indian Railways display the vast economic, cultural and religious diversity of the country. This photographic series portrays the Railways' rich human dimension, from lone travelers to families, from crowded platforms to quiet solitude, from conversation to prayer.

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  • All Aboard

  • Platform Diagonals

  • Traveling

  • The Goodbye

  • Waiting

  • Handiwork

  • A Good Sleep

  • Riding High

  • Meditation

  • Entertained

  • Recharging

  • Sleeper Car

  • Shrine

  • Shy One

  • Dinner

  • Quiet Conversation

  • Family

  • Silent Prayer

  • The Young Passenger

  • Journey's End