Everyday Life - Kolkata

Mary Catherine Messner

2017 - Ongoing

Walking the streets and lanes of the cities and towns of India has become one of my favorite travel activities. While in Kolkata, I visited many of the city's busiest markets and neighborhoods. In each area, daily life offered a kaleidoscope of color and chaotic activity in crowded spaces that made privacy seem unattainable. However, in the midst of the din and clamor of everyday life, I witnessed individuals create their own quiet private moments by retreating into themselves, joining others, or performing a daily ritual. This ongoing series attempts to capture the unexpected and peaceful beauty of these small acts of self renewal made in the midst of mayhem.

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  • The Indian Coffee House

  • Incense

  • Learning to Fly

  • Statuary

  • Making Chai

  • Morning Constitutional

  • Preparing for the Burden

  • Vegetable Yoga

  • Sharing Wisdom

  • Inside the Chicken Market

  • At the End of the Day

  • Breakfast

  • Conversation

  • In the Vegetable Market

  • Parking

  • With Prayer

  • The Flower Market

  • Negotiation

  • The Fruit Market

  • Ready for Business