Mackenzie Calle

2020 - Ongoing

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Memory explores both the individual and collective memory of the viewer. Photographed in and around Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and all captured in camera, I hoped to create photos that evoke a dreamlike state of recognition and confusion.

While all captured in Brooklyn, the images surrounding the diffuse orb-like center are widely recognized subjects – leaves, water, rock, apples, religious iconography, etc. They are if anything, generic. They give the audience a template to take hold of their own memory or that of their social sphere. The orb however is an out of place object in the middle of a recognizable frame. It is a visual disruption to the normal that creates a sense of disillusionment.

The trance like orb combined with the landscape, transports you into a dream-like state, acting as a reflection of your memories, past or present, good or bad. It is my intention that it be interpreted based on your own experience.

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