Without your mother

Madeline Bishop

2019 - 2021

We begin our lives looking for our mothers. Do we ever stop looking for them and do they ever stop looking for us? As we grow, we attempt to detach ourselves in order to become independent and live adult lives. What remnants of this relationship that defines our early lives remain in the distance of adulthood? Our memories morph, the details become duller and distorted over time and we’re left with a summarised version of what might have happened, similar to a photograph. Some edges will blur and some will sharpen until those are the only parts we can remember.

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  • Bella and Francine

  • Eshan and Alka

  • Yuyi and Yola

  • Neil and Vasantha

  • Julie and Jacqui

  • Lucy and Remy

  • Meera, Shashi, Simran

  • Stef and Marina

  • Margaret and Liz

  • David and Penny