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Safaa Mazirh 
Born June 7th, 1989 in Rabat where she lives and works.

A self-educated artist, she is confronted with photography while participating in workshops given by the fotografi’art in Rabat that regroups several young photographers. Fascinated by the movement of the body on stage, she quickly starts to work on this theme for several theater troupes. From shows, Safaa Mazirh retained the art of staging by constructing in a few months a photographic theater of the real nourished with elements of her story and with a desire to express herself artistically. In this work with subtly understood references, the body, evoked with dolls, or the physical body, shown as it is, occupies a central space. But it is a subject body that is evoked here. The body that, become the instrument of a narrative, surpasses the obvious connection to the intimate, through a strong capacity to become oeuvre. Image after image, Safaa Mazirh constructs an unbelievable and striking artistic experience that in the end is elaborated in the interweaving of the real and of her dream.

Age 30
Nationality Moroccan
Born in Morocco
Based in Morocco
Languages spoken Arabic, English, French

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Current Location: Morocco