Happy Days in the new quarters of the periphery of Lima

Max Cabello Orcasitas

2008 - 2012

Over the past five years, birthday parties and celebrations in the outskirts of the city of Lima have adopted new winds of modernity. From the 1960s until today, after a long process of migration from the countryside to the city have formed new neighborhoods that have been the actual outskirts of the city of Lima. These are called cones south, east and north of the city of Lima. These areas are home to about 5 million people from a total of 8 million and a half inhabitants .. In these new neighborhoods, not without poverty, along with economic growth, some families have achieved certain levels of welfare. It is still precarious conditions in many cases, but has led to the appearance of traces of certain consumption. One of these manifestations are in celebrations or efforts have emerged new forms of celebration, or give new life to these little rituals of celebration .. Birthdays and holidays are celebrated in these neighborhoods with new and colorful scenes. The greater access oprtunidades has caused the emergence of a moderate consumption of new services. This emerging middle class is emerging part of that currency, making its celebrations to restaurants with sets of neon lights. .

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  • Camila Gonzales's parents have closed part of a street located in San Juan de Miraflores (the southern part of the periphery of Lima), to install a small tent to serve as a stage for the birthday celebration of Camila.

  • A family poses for a photo shoot in a restaurant, at the close of the school year. The scene is located in San Juan de Lurigancho district belonging to the east of Lima

  • Quinceanera Party. A young mother observes the scenario just fitted for holding Quinceañeras. Families make great efforts to try to hire some speakers, clothes, food and disco lights.

  • Parents wait for their children while they have fun in a inflatable slide. Lima.

  • Yanet (dressed as Huayno singer) plays with gifts of her younger sister in the backyard of his home in the south of the outskirts of Lima.

  • Balloons ornament rests during a religious ceremony anniversary conducted by members of a Pentecostal church.

  • Bed and Game Room a girl who just received for his birthday gifts.

  • Musicians do sound checks, moments before arriving at a birthday party of a young singer huayno.

  • Camila is helped by her grandmother to dress, moments before the start of the birthday party. Her parents have built a stage decorated and also have bought about 3 cakes for the party.

  • A young shoots to his classmates during a school prom. The conclusion was made in a restaurant in the district of San Juan in the east of Lima.

  • A couple embrace as they watch the show for a birthday party at a restaurant in the northern outskirts of Lima.

  • Carnival Party in the southern outskirts of Lima. A family dance around a tree that have adorned with small gifts (buckets, blankets, blankets and some small toys). This party's own rural home residents called cortamonte or yunza. Attendees celebrated around the tree and then be cut, and then pick up the presents they were decorating the tree.

  • Yanet Acuna arrives home in Villla Maria del Triunfo. Yanet up with an ornament Quinceanera Party has been recovered. In the background is the neighborhood in which he lives.