Back To The Roots/ Das Gelbe Vom Ei

Megan Auer

2020 - 2021

Das Gelbe Vom Ei/ Back To The Roots

This work is a love letter to small farms, but at the same time it is a warning because we are about to lose them. Mass production is increasing every year with the result that many small farms are unable to survive due to economic reasons. This has had a massive impact on 1000s of years of culture, agricultural knowledge and on the environment. Families who have been living off their land for generations are losing their homes, their jobs and their sense of being. Megan Auer aims to show the viewer how important it is to pay more attention to the agriculture products we consume in our daily life and wants them to gain back their value.

I grew up in a small city in the south of Germany, always very close to nature and agriculture. Both this proximity to nature, and the way I was raised by my parents, instilled in me an endless appreciation for the products I consumed. I gained an understanding of how much work is involved in the creation of our food. When I moved to Berlin at 19, I started meeting and talking to people who had grown up in big cities, like Berlin; I realized that this kind of understanding is not a standard.

With my work I intend to bring awareness to this issue and emphasize putting the food we consume higher on our priority list. We should be willing to pay realistic prices for natural products again, it should be of higher value than owning fancy clothes and expensive technological products.

The modern agricultural industry has an enormously negative impact on animals and the environment. We should also acknowledge that what we put in our bodies is essential for our physical and mental health.

The goal is not to shift everything to biological sources and only consume organic food grown under perfect conditions, but everybody should do as much as they can.

For my project, I chose only small family farms. I stayed and worked there for a few weeks so I could gain an understanding of how hard the everyday work is.

I want to show the hardship, the satisfaction and the beauty at the core of small farms.

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