Rear Window (the bench)

Matteo Garzonio

2019 - Ongoing

Milano, Lombardy, Italy

The park bench has become the ideal set to investigate daily life in a place where the city slows down its run, becomes more tolerant and less formal, a place of interaction, interesting from a sociological and anthropological point of view. Each image of the project is the celebration of an unnoticed moment: photography has the power to make even the most ordinary scenes surprising.

It's an ongoing long-term project, a work on space and time, permanence and impermanence, fiction and reality, on the relationship between photography and people control: analogies can be found with projects that use images from the ubiquitous CCTV security cameras. With concerns over human surveillance and use of personal data regularly covered in today’s media, my work tries to catch the Zeitgeist in a completely individual way.

From a formal point of view my work walks on the border between documentary and research photography. I am not interested in investigating a specific and literal truth: my "documentary" plays with truth and abstraction, when I expand some details down to the pixels. I also use multiple images to highlight the sense of the project, based not on the single images, but precisely on the seriality of the images and the fact that seriality in photography is closely linked to the concept of space and time.

Project also has a obsessive/voyeuristic component, a sort of "Rear Window" on the park, and it is on Instagram (__ @ the_bench__), the most voyeuristic social network. The choice of square format focuses on the bench, but also recalls IG layout.

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