Matteo Armellini

2016 - Ongoing

The All Blinds is a baseball team of blind people in Rome, Italy.

The team contains people from divers backgrounds and breaks down barriers, treating everyone's equal while members regain some independence, pursuing a common goal: to become Italian champions.

Often taken for granted, running is an archaic , primordial kind of freedom, returning us to the freedom and independence of childhood.

I was left speechless when a player told me "The most precious thing we learn is to believe again that we can run fast without fear".

Baseball for blinds is not a sport for those afraid of injuries, as players run at maximum speed to a buzzing base and dive to catch a ringing ball.

Accidents happen, but the All Blinds do not spare themselves and fight hard to win, hoping to top the league and see baseball for the blind people becoming a Paralympic sport.

I met the All Blinds in 2016 and from that moment I completely felt in love with the team, I started to follow them to tell their fantastic story, with time our relationship has been increasing and now I am the Team driver, a "third base" assistant and an avid fan.

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