Tainan fiction

Matija Brumen



While on the 3-month long artist residency in Jiali in Taiwan, in summer of 2017, I regularly visited the neighbouring city of Tainan, where I would stay overnight, photographing on the streets with my analogue camera and a tripod.

Contrary to the intention of focusing my work solely on the chaos of the city, I intuitively ended up observing and documenting the morning quietness and visual calmness around the break of the night into the day, at dawn.

Walking the streets with all the equipment through the long nights, my body would be totally exhausted in the morning. However, the clear and silent presence of singular objects at the dawn would trigger the meditative thoughts and straight vision. As this mind-state and visual peace seemed to last only for a very short period of the mornings, the photographed situations and objects seemed fictitious, distant from the reality, hence I named the series Tainan fiction.

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