Folio 2021/22 Online Masterclass On Photobook

Masterclass Works Final Presentation

An unprecedented opportunity

Under the guidance of Witty Books publisher Tommaso Parrillo, designer Federico Barbon and PhMuseum curator Rocco Venezia, a group of photographers will be followed through the advanced phase of their projects with the goal of concluding the work and having it ready for publishing. At the end of the 6-month masterclass, all participants will be ready to present their work to an international audience in the form of a dummy or a photobook. Furthermore, Witty Books will select one of the participants’ work to be published as a 500 edition photobook as part of its catalogue. Production will be fully financed by Witty Books, with a contribution from PhMuseum.

The program will be conducted online, with one final gathering at PhMuseum Days International Photography Festival (Italy) where photobooks and dummies will be shown.

To apply, simply fill in the form with your personal details, insert a link to your project and submit for free. If your application is successful, we will notify you and you will then be able to Enroll in the Program.

  • When From October 2020 to March 2021
  • Language English
  • Positions 9 seats +1 scholarship
  • Dedication 50+ Hours
  • Contacts If you have any questions you can reach us at
  • Partnership with

How it works

  • Group Classes

    During 3 online 5-hour group classes Tommaso Parrillo and Federico Barbon will give you a general grounding in the contemporary photobook world, editing strategies and design technique to develop your project into a photobook.

  • One-to-one Mentoring

    With these 2 online 60-min individual sessions you will have the time to engage in specific discussions aimed at working on your ideas and improving your method.

  • Studio Visits

    To grant you a further insight we have also organized 5 interactive studio visits’ with guest artists, curators and gallerists to let you know about their practice and get a better understanding of their approach and role in the photography industry. More info soon.

  • Final meeting + work published

    At the end of the program, all the dummies produced by the participants will be presented and displayed at PhMuseum Days. Witty Books will select one work to be published in the form of a book. All participants will still benefit from dissemination opportunities through PhMuseum editorial initiatives and its network.

Head professor

Tommaso Parrillo

Tommaso Parrillo is an Italian publisher and founder of Witty Books, a publishing house founded with the name of Witty Kiwi in 2012, that aims to promote photography and visual arts. Since 2016 he is also co-founder of JEST, an independent space dedicated to enhancing culture and photography in Turin. He also teaches photography in institutions as IED Torino, private school and workshops.

Head professor

Federico Barbon

Federico Barbon is a graphic designer focusing on web and editorial design. He studied at Bauer school in Milan, Italy (2013) and graduated from ECAL in 2019. He worked at Studiopaola (Milan), Navone Associati (Milan) and Lamm & Kirch (Leipzig). He's now working as a book designer for a number of publishers (Witty Books, Humboldt, Yoffy Press, Skinnerboox) and collaborates with ECAL.

Head professor

Rocco Venezia

Rocco Venezia (1991, Italy) is a visual artist and works as a curator for PhMuseum. Venezia has exhibited his personal work in solo shows at VOID and JEST, while he was displayed in group exhibitions at Fondazione Fabbri, Capa Photography Center, ISSP Gallery and Gallery Image. His monograph Nekyia was published by Witty Books in 2017. In 2018 he has been one of the emerging artists of Parallel Platform. He has been nominated by VOID as one of the Futures Talents of 2021. Next to his personal practice, Venezia works as a curator and producer for PhMuseum since 2017 where he develops educational programs, the editorial line and the curatorial activities of the online community. Lately, he has worked on the concept and editing of the two books by PhMuseum - Familiar Stranger (2020) and Inside (2021) and has been the curator of photography during the PhMuseum Days 2021 International Photo Festival. He is one of the 3 co-founders of PhMuseum Lab.


  • October 2020

    • Session 1 Welcome and Presentation
    • Session 2 Publisher Group Tutoring (3.5 hour)
    • Session 3 Studio Visit with Magali Avezou
    • Session 4 Publisher Group Tutoring (3.5 hour)
  • November

    • Session 5 One-to-One with Publisher
  • December

    • Session 6 Studio Visit with Sofia Borges
    • Session 7 Participants' Work Presentation
    • Session 8 PhMuseum Group Session
  • January 2021

    • Session 9 Publisher & Designer Group Tutoring (3.5 hour)
    • Session 10 Publisher & Designer Group Tutoring (3.5 hour)
    • Session 11 Studio Visit with Hoda Afshar
  • February

    • Session 12 One-to-One with Publisher & Designer
    • Session 13 Studio Visit with Peggy Sue Amison
  • March

    • Session 14 Studio Visit with Taco Hidde Bakker
    • Session 15 Publisher & Designer Group Tutoring (3.5 hour)
    • Session 16 Publisher & Designer Group Tutoring (3.5 hour)
    • Session 17 Overview on Publishing Practice
    • Session 18 Participants' Work Presentation
  • January 2022

    • In-person meeting at PhMuseum Days International Photography Festival (Dates will be announced during the program)

Studio visits

  • Magali Avezou

    Magali Avezou

  • Peggy Sue Amison

    Peggy Sue Amison

  • Sofia Borges

    Sofia Borges

  • Taco Hidde Bakker

    Taco Hidde Bakker

Why participate?

  • Get published

    This masterclass offers you the concrete and unprecedented opportunity to have the work of 1 participant published and fully founded. All the participants will also see their project become a ready-to-print dummy.

  • Expand your network

    Engage with a selected group of peers and professionals from around the world, who can become a resource also for your future. Take advantage of PhMuseum and Witty Books international networks.

  • Learn practical skills

    This program grants you a first-hand experience encompassing both a theoretical and practical approach to photography, editing and design with the specific goal of a photobook in mind.

  • Flexible program

    In this unstable period you can engage in a program that will happen no matter what having the chance to learn from home while working or studying.

  • Competitive price

    Enjoy a high end program at our launching price, one of the most competitive on the market. If you don’t have the resources, you can also apply for 1 fully-funded scholarship.

Folio 2021/22 participants

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