Curae 2022/23 Online Masterclass On Curatorial Practice

Conceive Contemporary Exhibitions

Designed for authors, emerging curators, and gallerists, Curae is the new PhMuseum Online Masterclass focused on surveying the relevant aspects surrounding the planning, curation, logistics and commercial variables within the realm of contemporary exhibitions and gallery/artist relations.

Under the guidance of Niccolò Fano, founder and director of Matèria gallery in Rome, participants will work on the development of a personal curatorial concept and receive the tools to structure a coherent exhibition proposal. Through this Masterclass you will obtain a comprehensive understanding of exhibition design practices, research processes, archival standards, legal and bureaucratic frameworks and finalization requirements tied to the production of a solo/group exhibition.

At the end of the program, Niccolò Fano will select one or more participants to collaborate on the curation of a project centered around the dialogue between digital art, traditional mediums, physical space and the (decentralised) metaverse. To participate, simply fill in the form with your personal details, share a link to your portfolio and apply for free. If your application is successful, we will guide you to enroll in the program.

  • When From May 2022 to January 2023
  • Language English
  • Positions 11 seats +1 scholarship
  • Dedication 60+ Hours
  • Contacts If you have any questions you can reach us at

How it works

  • Group Classes

    During 10 online group lessons, Niccolò Fano will share theoretical and practical guidance on contemporary curatorial practice. These will give participants all the necessary tools to research, produce and promote an art event. According to their role, participants will also carry on a tailored assignment which will be discussed in dedicated group sessions and individual tutorials.

  • One-to-one Mentoring

    The 2 online 60-min individual sessions will give you time to engage in specific discussions aimed at working on your assignment ideas and improving your methods. Sessions are tailor-made according to your specific needs and that of your practice.

  • Studio Visits and Panel Discussion

    To grant you industry insight and offer complementary information, we have invited expert practitioners to host 5 interactive studio visits. They will disclose the methodologies behind their work and offer a better understanding of their role in the industry. The program will also host a 2h panel discussion on a specific subject. More info soon.

  • Digital Curatorial Residency

    Selected participant(s) will be invited to collaborate on a digital curatorial residency at Matèria’s digital HQ on Decentraland. All participants will further benefit from dissemination opportunities through PhMuseum channels.

Head professor

Niccolò Fano

Niccolò Fano (Rome,1985) - founder and director of Matèria.

Based in the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo in Rome, Matèria opened its doors to the public in 2015. The gallery represents seven artists and proposes an exhibition programme that touches upon all aspects of Contemporary Art, with a particular focus on the role and use of the photographic medium.

He holds a BA in Photography from the University for the Creative Arts, a Masters degree in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins and Creative Ventures MBA scholarship at London Business School.

Niccolò is currently programme director at ISFCI in Rome and has taught at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, University for the Creative Arts, Rome University of Fine Arts and Officine Fotografiche Roma.


  • May 2022

    • Session 1 Welcome and Presentation
    • Session 2 Introduction to the course / Assignment presentation (1.5h)
    • Session 3 Introduction to contemporary roles: Curator, Gallerist, Artist (1.5h)
  • June

    • Session 4 Studio visit with Tristan Lund
    • Session 5 Pre-exhibition planning and logistics / Institutional vs. Commercial spaces (1.5h)
    • Session 6 Budget distribution, allocation / Focus on the relationship between artists and curators (1.5h)
  • July

    • Session 7 Studio visit with Giuliana Benassi
    • Session 8 One-to-One Mentoring
    • Session 9 The contemporary landscape of opportunities within the private and public sector (1.5h)
  • August

    • Summer Break
  • September

    • Session 10 Focus on the photography market (editions/fairs) (1.5h)
    • Session 11 Studio visit with Vasco Forconi (1h)
    • Session 12 Group session review (4 Hours)
  • October

    • Feedback Session With PhMuseum Team
    • Session 13 Participants’ Work Presentation (2h)
    • Session 14 Studio visit with Celeste Baracchi (1h)
  • November

    • Session 15 One-to-One Mentoring
    • Session 16 Writing and Research / Focus on essential texts bios, press releases, exhibition texts, text-based editorial contributions (1.5h)
    • Session 17 Constructing Communities and Relationships / Cases studies on exhibition program, PR, Social & Media Presence (1.5h)
  • December

    • Session 18 Studio visit with Luca Santese (1h)
    • Session 19 Contemporary challenges and future approaches to curating / Online shows and fairs, online marketplaces, digital art, NFTs (1.5h)
  • January 2023

    • Session 20 Studio visit with Flavia Parisi (1h)
    • Session 21 Group session with final open discussion (4h)
  • March

    • Session 22 Public Online Presentation

Studio visits

  • Celeste Baracchi

    Celeste Baracchi

  • Flavia Parisi

    Flavia Parisi

  • Giuliana Benassi

    Giuliana Benassi

  • Tristan Lund

    Tristan Lund

  • Vasco Forconi

    Vasco Forconi

Why participate?

  • Acquire practical skills

    This program grants you first-hand experience from an internationally renowned curator and gallerist like Niccolò Fano, enhancing your theoretical and practical approach to curating.

  • Present your research on the metaverse

    At the end of the masterclass, one or more participants will have the opportunity to develop a curatorial residency at Matèria’s digital HQ on Decentraland.

  • Expand your network

    Engage with a selected group of peers and professionals from around the world, who can become a resource for you in the future while taking advantage of PhMuseum channels.

  • Flexible program

    Get enrolled from anywhere taking the opportunity to engage in a program that will always be available to you. Plus, you have the chance to learn from home while working or studying.

  • Competitive price

    Enjoy a high-end program at our launching price, one of the most competitive on the market. If you don’t have the resources, you can also apply for 1 fully-funded scholarship.

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