Martyna Bec

2018 - 2016

It is a story about a man who doesn't want to be photographed, who doesn't want to be recognised, doesnt want his true identity and reasons to come to Europe to be revealed.

L. came to Germany from Italy 2 years ago. Befor Italy he was in Libya. After crossing the Mediterranean Sea on a rubber boat with other refugees from Africa, he reached Europe where he has been wandering since 5 years, trying to support his family back in Gambia. To survive he sell on the streets. He wants to be important like his Father who passed away last year, but without residence he is no existing.

First I met him in Görlitzer Park in Berlin. He was running from the Police and this is how our relationship began. I was watching him everyday how he wakes up in the morning , wash himself, pray, smoke and then go out for "hussling" till late evening when he comes back home to start the same rituals next day all over again. Not able to function in this reality he follows his own rules and plan. The only thing I could do was to collect those peaces of everyday life without showing his face , without knowing his true story and who he really is...

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