Silence is Sexy

Martina Cirese

2015 - Ongoing

Berlin, Germany; Rome, Latium, Italy; Paris, Île-de-France, France

‘Silence is Sexy’ is an erratic diary on detachment and desire, mapping my own passage through late adolescence to womanhood. I moved to Berlin in March 2015. Attracted by the visionary and nonconformist nature of the city, I found myself plunged into a primitive and Dionysian counterculture.

As I explored the most transgressive German sex clubs, to portray and question my encounters became my obsession. Mind and body were filled with questions. How can I find joy? Where is home, and who is my companion? What’s behind a relationship? Does polyamory fit with contemporary western society? Can hedonism solve the contradictions of monogamy?

Now I see. That was just a beginning. The clubs I fell into, the people I met, the music and the smell I felt on my skin in these first months alone in a new metropolis once again - were the door opener to somewhere else. An inner space, a deeper research which has stayed with me ever since.

Friends; lovers; strangers; figures: these make up the subjects of my research, as they weave their journeys, transitioning from one state to the next, exploring the ambivalence of human desire and experiencing the conflict between ego and reality.

The series put together images from the 15 journals I kept since 2015 till today. I seek to push the documentary approach by combining photography, drawings, texts and other memorabilia to constantly question my self, my surroundings and my most intimate relationships.

With the help of the PH Museum Women Grant I aim to see how 'Silence is Sexy' can evolve towards a finalisation as a book and an exhibition. The grant would support me financially while I focus on completing and enriching the project.

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