Martina's Stories



Portrait, Daily Life, Street Photography

What happens when a circle begins? You know the circle will end.

The matter is how, is it gonna end. The matter is, how can you know how is it gonna end? A photographer finds a story, it’s not like he’d been imagining it, but merely how it deserves to be. Skin is a boundary [hence] an opportunity.

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Do Women Dream of Synthetic Kids?

Social Issues, Contemporary Issues

The Reborn are handmade, lifelike baby dolls, produced and collected by over 20,000 women worldwide. The massive sale of fake children poses key questions about the future of mankind. With this work I explore the uncanny imagery of humanoid objects, investigating the seeds of dystopia in our lives.

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Karma police

Portrait, Contemporary Issues, Documentary

Twenty-five years since the opening of the East Germany's secret police archives, "Karma Police" explore the feelings of oppression and fear caused by living under constant emotional control.

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Silence is Sexy

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The Dark Side of Sport

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